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Mom’s Day Out


1st outing of Mother Shooters Movement by Komuniti Lensa Malaya at the Lake Garden.

We arrived at the location around 7.45am in the morning. The weather was perfect for the outing. By 8.30am, there were already 25 of us. All eager to learn and shoot.

There were 3 groups altogether. Kamalia Kamal, the principal of The Photolicious and also not forgetting Zaza from Lensamama Photography was also there to guide them.

I started off by explaining the fundamentals of camera setting. Not too detail but sufficient and easy to understand. It’s important to understand the setting but more importantly is the person holding the camera. To me, the camera is just a tool.

10 things that you can start off:

1. Take a deep breath.

2. Don’t rush.

3. Learn the tool day by day.

4. Take three step back and three step forward.

5. Shoot from different angles.

6. Be different.

7. Read your manual.

8. Get to know your camera.

9. Shoot everyday.

10 Shoot your cat. Shoot your kids. Shoot your family.

We learn things by doing it. Day in and day out. There’s no shortcut.


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