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Malaysia’s Favorite Sport


The Health Ministry had recently announced that drinking and eating are the no 1 sports in Malaysia. And to celebrate that, we had the opportunity to join a TT, it’s a Teh Tarik Session if you don’t know (and no, it is not a must to order teh tarik!) organised by Komuniti Lensa Malaya. As it was the first time we join such session, most of the faces were unfamiliar to us. But Malaysia’s renowned wedding photographer, Saiful Nang was there. Moving along we’ll get to know each of them better.

The session started at 8 something and ended around midnight. We discussed on future plans, programmes and outings under “Lensa Malaya” banner. So, you photo enthusiast out there, come and join us at Komuniti Lensa Malaya for more info and updates. Watch out for new events coming up!

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