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This has been an eventful year for us. We did far more projects than last year, we shot more, we learned more and we met more people this year.

An interesting year it is. We managed to get our own web page and blog online sometime in March. That allows us to share our projects in a way that we want it to be. We also had our official Facebook page launched at the same time. We did all we could to make ourselves known. Frankly it was not an easy job. And we were a bit skeptical in the first place, we kept on guessing, whether there will be any fans in our Facebook page or any visitors or readers of our blog. Heck, all kinds of thoughts came into our mind. But if you want answers to those questions, then you have to do it first. We need to try, if we failed, then we have to try again and if we fail again we’ll fail better. The only way is forward. Like once said in a Petronas ad “Berjalan biarlah ke depan”.

Early on we were surprised when we received a request from the owner of Artisan Roast U.K, to use one of our photos for their website, but till today we have yet to see it on their website. No problemo…the offer is still on.

We take the projects one at a time. We try to see it differently every time and we want to approach it differently each time. This time, we did a lot of research and reading. We got ourselves new books and quite a number of eBooks. We educate ourselves more, to be better technically and wiser collectively. This is what we see lacking in the local scene or at least we thought so.

Photographically speaking, we ourselves are feeling different from where we have started. We are still learning to see the lights. We are still training our eyes to see around things, to know what to look for, to know what to shoot, to know how to position etc. We are able to compose the shots better (very, very much less cropping done to the photos now, 1% maybe). It is a never ending process.

But success doesn’t come without failures. There are few things that we have yet to achieve in 2011. We hoped that we can gather at least 10,000 Facebook fans by end of the year (seriously?) Yup, 10 freaking thousands. It is some kind of motivation for us and yes, we are not quite there yet. So if you are reading this, please pass around this request to your friends. Like us a thousand time. There are still a lot of things that we wanted to do, so hopefully 2012 will give us more opportunities to do so.

Moving on to the end of the year, we took part in Komuniti Lensa Malaya outing. (“Kak Min bila nak buat 2nd outing?” – Arianna). We see that the more we share the better we understand. If you want to join, you are most welcomed.

So hopefully we’ll end this 2011 with a bang. There’s one last project for the year coming up before we close another chapter. Stay tuned for the update. 2012, we ought to be better!

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