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Vision Mongers by David duChemin


It has always been my habit. I always carry a note book around and when I’m reading, I always jot down points which I find interesting and worth remembering. I had just finished reading this book and I found it to be very refreshing and full of great tips and ideas. Here are some of them:

…Be patient, you’ll get there. If you study your craft. If you shoot and shoot and shoot some more. If you give up trusting your gear to create great images and start trusting your vision instead. And most importantly, if you love putting the world into a frame for the sheer sake of it, for your love of expression”.

…Each day you embark, you move forward, and each  night you go to bed knowing not that you’ve arrived, but that tomorrow is a new day to move ahead, to creep forward. It’s the moving, the creeping, that matters. Like a pilgrimage – it’s the journey itself that changes you, not the destination.

When you shoot, you are a photographer. When you speak to client, you are the owner of a company intent on serving its clients. When you negotiate finances, you are an accountant. And when you create your branding and get a website built, you are a marketing executive.

Make them love you.

Always over deliver. Find out what your clients expects, then exceed those expectations.

VISION MONGERS – David duChemin


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