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Light Up


DSC_2435M4HP Week 6/52 Light

Life have been pretty slow lately. Another 2 more days and my parents will be back from their umrah. Can’t wait!! I have been cooking since my mum is not around. Some days when I’m in the mood, I’ll cook something special but on the other day when I am not up to it, just clear tomyam soup will do. Anisah, my youngest can eat at least 3 plates of rice whenever I cooked tomyam, her favourite dish. Just the soup and she is happy! She is really a simple girl.

It’s a long weekend here, I’ll be catching up on reading some of the new books that I’ve bought from Kinokuniya, particularly the book in the image above. The theme for My Four Hens Photography Project 52 in 2013 is Light. The image is taken beside my bedroom window. I like it to be simple to show that with just a little hint of light your image can turn into something so beautiful. Oh yeahh and I did used my bed sheet to add some texture to it. And to those who is curious to what is happening to my Project Life 365 (yeaah I am doing 2 projects this year), you can see it here.


And to the Chinese friends, Happy Chinese New Year from us at MinMohdPhotography!


And I am officially addicted to this KOPI from WonderMilk….


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