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So Inspired – Week 8/52 M4HP

I live in the city. I work an 8 hour job at the office. During weekdays, usually there’s nothing for me to photograph except city life which is completely a disaster, at least for me. Everyone is either running/walking so fast while texting on their mobile. Life is fast and furious here. Anisah, my youngest is usually with her dad during the weekends. My oldest is busy with her university life (no, I’m not that old). My second has extra activity at the school on weekends. No children to photograph. So I am always stuck with ideas when it comes to my photography project, and in this case my 52 project, a photo a week with My Four Hens Photography. Have you been to the flickr group? You should. I tell ya!!!! I am completely in awe. Full of talented artist and photographers!!!! Some of the works shown are amazingly beautiful and I am glad that I am part of the community! and it’s not too late if you want to join, it’ll be fun!

So back to my main subject here, I don’t have kids to photograph, what should I do? I can complain but work still needs to be done. I told Azlan, we need to move somewhere near the mountains. Azlan just smiled. He always smiles whenever I complain. You just need to work with whatever it is that you have. See things differently. Let your mind wander. That’s what he said to me.

It was raining all day long today. I wanted to take some outdoor photos but had to cancelled my plan since it was raining heavily. So in the end, I made tea and took out two slices of scrumptious butter cake (given by mum) and ended taking pictures in our ‘blue room”. I use only a small space of that room, believe me, you would not want to see the whole room!!

I am happy with the result, what more can I say, and the butter cake was really delicious too!

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