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Adios Nikkor 35mm!


Well, after much thought, we decided to let go of this wonderful Nikkor 35mm f2.0 lens (made in Japan). It had served us well. Bought it in June 2011 for RM1,100.00, specifically for an engagement shoot. Because the area that we are going to shoot back then was a bit tight and dim. So, being much of a prime lens shooter, we opted for this lens instead of other zoom lenses. And because we love big apertures too. We did used this lens for another couple of projects, but the usage is still very low.

After we bought the 24-70mm, this lens is pretty much redundant. So we are letting it go to someone who will make full use of it. The lens is still under warranty and comes with its original box and Hoya Pro1 Digital Filter, made in Japan too (normal price RM125.00). The lens is in excellent condition, no fungus, no scratches and looks almost like new because we really, really  take care of our equipment.

If you have any doubt about this lens, the photos below tell pretty much of its capability. No edits were done to the photos except re-sizing. So if any of you are interested, we are letting it all go for RM900.00 only! Call or sms to me, Azlan at 019-262 7578 or email to

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