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I am not a photographer


I am not a photographer. Ok, now you’re confuse. What is she talking about???

Well, what I really want to stress out is that I am really not a photographer that only shoots photo. I don’t come to a location with my expensive camera and expensive lens and ask you to pose, click the shutter and call it a day. I don’t work like that. My camera is just a mere extension of my art.

I am an artist. I create. I observe. I listen. It’s not an easy job but I love what I do. And I love it even more when my client gives me the full freedom to artistically interpret what I see and what way I choose to photograph a scene.

I’m more attracted to the unexpected, unplanned, unscripted image. I feel more alive to photograph your occasions as they unfold one by one before me. I get goose bumps when I see beautiful light. The location could be in your very own home. Your kids running around while the baby is crawling on the floor with the diapers half explode. I want to freeze the memories of your family. What it felt? What it really looked like. This is real life, this is real moments. This is what photography really means to me.

Same goes to wedding. No two weddings are alike. Every wedding is different. I believe that each one of you have your own energy and character for the wedding itself. The aura, the atmosphere, the surroundings and the details of the wedding. Everything is different. Who wants their wedding photos that look the same as others?? All of us are unique and different in our own sweet way. That’s what makes it even more beautiful. I won’t ask you to fake a smile or do certain or corny poses.  You don’t have to wear a tiara if you don’t like it. You don’t have to act if it troubles you. It’s your wedding. You are the king and queen of the day. It’s your celebration.

Let me document the day for you. Years from now, you’ll want to remember what it really looked and felt like.- Min

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