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Trust the one you have…


“Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful” – Hazrat Inavat Khan.

Trust the one you have or in my case an iPhone.

It has been many many years back since I last traveled by train. Last weekend I relived the experience once again. It was a short trip from KL Sentral to Sungkai, a 2 hour journey. I did not bring my bulky nikon along and opted to go light with just an iPhone 3GS. Of course, comparing those two, the nikon will have significantly superior image quality over an iPhone camera.

But comparing technical qualities and aesthetics of a photo, the latter should overrule the former. A photo should not always be technically perfect. Those imperfection will make it perfect. It is the essence and the soul in it that matter most. This is what we fail to realise. What I actually want to put across is that the best camera you have is the one you’re holding. Forget technical qualities for a moment. Use what you have. You don’t need another lens, you don’t need the latest camera body. We did contemplate to get the latest nikon 800E, but after a thorough consideration, we realised that we have enough.  And I am pretty confident that most of us have yet to master the camera that we have in our hands. Focus on what’s more important – create.

7.30am. Morning rush.

Waiting and boarding

On my way

a long way from home…


danger in front of me…

The sun sets in Trolak.

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