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52 in 2012 – Week 5 (Simplicity) M4HP

I was not feeling very well this week. Had an infected gum and it was very painful. It has swollen since the last 2 weeks. I had initially booked an appointment to see my dentist near my area but unfortunately she was down with a very high fever and was admitted to the hospital. I hope she is doing well now. So since I was in pain, I had to find a new dentist asap! Luckily, one of colleague’s wife is a dentist. And a very good one too. I called and booked an appointment immediately. I was put on antibiotics for a few days and went to visit her again last Wednesday and had one of teeth removed. I got 2 stitches for that. Since then, I have been taking only plain water and avoiding sugar all together. Who knows I might shed a few pounds too. But for now, all I want to do is to take good care of my gum. That’s all.

By simply following simple rules, you can do wonders to yourself. Eat simple. Dress simple. Live simple. Talk simple. Think Simple. Don’t over analyze. You can also photograph the simple things in life that matters. Your children. Your family.

I like the simplicity of the image above. Sunday morning with my kids & niece. Enjoying breakfast. Enjoying each other companies. Enjoying life.

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