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Haaaaaa…I know I got you!!! Well, there are no secret ingredients that I want to share with you, just a simple tutorial on how to get the brown tone effect in your image. Don’t be mad..hehehe….

This is a simple tutorial on how to get a brown tone in your pictures. Again, when I say it is simple, means you must have at least basic knowledge on how to use photoshop. I will not go into much detail. You can figure that one out yourself. As this is my first attempt on writing a tutorial on photoshop, please be nice. I am not a genius when it comes to photoshop. I learned photoshop myself, either from the internet or by reading photoshop books or doing it myself. Trial and error. Some work and some didn’t. That’s the best part and for me it has proved to be the easiest way to learn. Now, let’s move on.

I will be using this photo of my handsome husband. If you notice there are quite a few thing to clear up. Well, this is not one of my best shot. This was done at home beside a very large window on the right to get that natural light source. Notice that the SOOC photo is a little bit washed out. Not a problem. I shoot in RAW and the advantage is that you can always tweak the image to your preference later in post processing. But don’t let that be a habit. Nail the exposure first, no matter what.

Tadaaaaaaa….in PS, my favourite tool of all is the content aware function. One minute it’s there, another minute and it’s gone. It’s like a magic wand given by my fairy god mother. To use content aware, first you have to select an area to modify/correct and then press delete. When a window  pops up, select content aware and press OK. And see the magic afterward. (Content aware is only available in Photoshop CS5). If you are using spot healing, select the proximity match to remove some of the blemishes. You can use it to touch up the skin too. It works wonderful!

Next, I make a solid color fill layer with the following numbers, 2e1e0a (brown), or you may use whatever color that you want. It’s up to you. Sky is the limit. Then, invert the mask (shown arrow) to make it black. Tips: Click the white box (Ctrl+I)

After that, I choose gradient tool (shown arrow) and choose the diamond shape tool on the top tool bar (shown arrow).

From there, I drag the line across to the top right corner.

I change the layer blending to Soft Light and adjusted the opacity to 80%. I used a soft brush at 50% opacity and brush over the skin until it looks good. You can do that on the clothes too.



Although it’s just a slight process, it does make a lot of difference. Notice that the first picture is a little bit washed out compared to the final image. Well, you can try on different image that you have. I always like to say, less is more.

I don’t know why but I like to share with you one of my favourite quote from the movie Kungfu Panda and it comes from father of PO.

There are no secret ingredients. You don’t need any ‘secrets’. The ‘secret’, if that is what it is, is to harmonize with your true nature and maintain that harmony throughout your life. You are enough, you have everything that you need to live your live. You just need to be very sure that it is indeed your life that you are living and not someone else’s.


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