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Me, myself and Lulu


I am already in my third trimester, 30 weeks and counting. Preparation for the baby is being very minimally done. My due date is sometime in November but my OB has already indicated that an inducement might be done if I am already at 38 weeks and no sign for the baby to come out yet. We’ll see how it goes, meanwhile I have been reading a lot on the internet and preparing myself for the labour mentally and physically. I have already started having trouble trying to sleep at night which is normal and usually will be awaken when I was just about to doze off because of the need to go to the loo, sometimes as many as 3 times! I am feeling like a king kong. Everybody kept staring at my bulging tummy and I don’t mind at all!

Insulin injection is normal everyday at night, but I have managed to keep my blood sugar under control. It is so hard to find a good forum in Malaysia on expecting mothers with DM Type II. If you are also expecting and is in the same club with me, why not give me a buzz, really, we have a lot we can talk about.

Other than that, besides the normal and back-to-back backache and feeling tired all the time, I can sometime be very clumsy and forgetful. But above it all, I am savouring every minute of this pregnancy as I know this might  be my last pregnancy (am already 39 (recently!! yeahhh thanks for all the birthday wishes) and it made me a bit sad. I think the best time to get pregnant should be before you reach 35 years old. If not, you are DOOMED!

Meanwhile, you can see that we have a new addition to the family. Yes, her name is Lulu. She’s a mixed of Persian and Chatruex. Very active and very loveable. And at the very moment, my husband, is busy making Lulu her first ever cathouse!


We looked around and noticed that the cat house is priced roughly around RM200 and up to RM700 for a more exclusive design. So my husband being the handy man he is insisted that he can do it with the used wood planks we have  at home. And frankly I believed him.


and the final product…..


a bit of a cat-house warming party!!


and we can hear her softly whispered purrfecttttt….


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