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Maisarah & Fashli | Couple Session | Kuala Lumpur Lifestyle Photographer


I know it sounds really cliche but I am going to say it again and again, everyday moments are always the best! Those in-between glares, the silly jokes shared, the “oh I love you so much” look, and it does not matter if you’re married with kids or newlyweds, or maybe celebrating your 51st wedding anniversary, couple session is perfect for both of you wanting to document beautiful memories.

Meet these newlyweds, Maisarah and Fashli, both young and madly in love with each other. Both of them are really sweet and Fashli happens to be a very good cook (years of living away from family taught him lots of things, one of them is cooking!). Both of them were actually in the same school but didn’t know each other. They only hit it off years after school. (kalau jodoh tak kemana kan).

Thank you Maisarah and Fashli for inviting me to your house and let me document your meaningful stories. And again, CONGRATULATIONS!!


These photos bring me joy when I look at them!Taken at a time so early in our marriage and coincidentally marked another significant time in our lives too. Taken casually, it felt just like a visit friendly visit on Saturday morning to have breakfast while telling stories of how we met and what brought us together. Thank you Auntie Min for capturing these beautiful moments.

Awww… that’s so sweet. I always love the picture of halal couple. Modest yet showing the romantism in their own way. Yes, every moment should be celebrated & remebered. Thanks for capturing and sharing this picture with us. Really nice pictures

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