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Irene & Taylor | Motherhood | Kuala Lumpur Family Photographer


Irene sent me an email all the way from Vancouver, Canada inquiring on the Family Lifestyle Photography Session roughly about two months earlier before the actual date. She told me that she will be on a two-week holiday in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and would love to have a mom & daughter photography session around Kuala Lumpur City Centre. After that, we exchanged a few emails and discussed further on the details of the session. Before the actual day arrived, I sent her a client’s questionnaire to fill up so that I can get to know her and her eight-year-old daughter better. It’s best to at least get to know your photographer earlier and see whether if she or he is available on the date that you chose to avoid disappointment later. I am so grateful that Irene reached out to me earlier so that I can manage my time effectively.

When the actual day arrived, I was delighted to finally meet this sweet single mama in person and her lovely daughter, Taylor. We started the day early at 7.30 in the morning and managed to capture the beautiful Kuala Lumpur light before it was gone in a matter of seconds. Earlier during the email conversation, Irene had asked me what time I would prefer to shoot and I told that the best light is probably the morning light and at that moment I prayed that Kuala Lumpur light that morning won’t be a disappointment. Of course, being a photographer for nearly eight years, you have to be prepared and work with any available light and guessed I was pretty lucky that day. The sun was shining so beautiful, birds were chirping on the tree and everything was really fantastic.

During the session, we talked about many things. Both mama and daughter were very friendly and it made my job so much easier. A few days before, they were in Sabah, visiting the orangutan sanctuary centre there. Irene asked me if I have ever been there and I told her never but I would love to visit one day. Before parting ways, I was curious to know where did Irene got to know about me and she told that she googled. I was really amazed. I never thought that could work. I think we should think less about Facebook or Instagram and focus more on our blog instead. After hearing this, I am really eager to work on my blog (lots of hard work actually) more!


salam Ramadan to you sister. What a lovely and lives photo!

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