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Love do exist!



Getting a divorce is not something that you wished for, but at certain times it is undoubtedly the only route that is left for you to choose. Oh yes, I am speaking from experience and not just making up stories. I was very unhappy and lead a very miserable life before and after the divorce. I kept blaming my ex for every mistakes that he had done and keep on rewinding the past over and over again like a broken record. During that time, I was very lonely, confused, hated every love song that was played, partied to hard, cried myself to sleep almost every night, lost a lot of weight, not being able to sleep, cursed everything and for a while I kept pushing my kids further and further away from me. In short, I was losing myself and my loved ones little by little.

They say time heals everything. I know it sounds a little cliche but let me tell you, it’s true. I began to think deeply and started to question my purpose. Do I really want to be unhappy and miserable for the rest of my life? Do I really want to show bad examples to my kids? I want them to know that everything will work out just fine in the end. Allah knows everything. We can planned but the master planner is HIM, the Almighty. So I changed my direction, I started to forgive, I started to say good things about their dad, I started to plant good thoughts into my children’s mind. I don’t want them to grow old hating their dad. The relationship between them and their dad is very important. I don’t want them to feel left out or deprived of love just because the war between the two of us. Just because it didn’t worked out between their dad and me, their future relationship should be the same. No. They should be able to trust and believe in love. Love do exist.

Fast forward, their dad is happily married now and I am so happy for both of them. And the best part of all, I was able to document the love and connection between the new little sister who happens to be very loving and adorable. Meet Awfeeya Aysar Alfian, the new bundle of joy to my ex husband and his new wife and also to my children. We got to celebrate her birthday party and all was invited. My parents was there and so was my sisters and brothers. We had a really good time and all that matters was my children felt loved and was able to celebrate that special occasion with me and their dad, even though we are separated.

The choice is yours. Be happy or miserable for the rest of your life.








it is good for that you are becoming a very good person even though you are going through very hard time

Insyallah, thanks for visiting my blog (:

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