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Intimate Session with Min & Azlan


2 days of lessons and actions. We completed our first ever intimate session today. We had 4 participants for the session, Max, Bak, Sayla and Zul. After some light breakfast, we started the first day with theories on the basics in camera settings, exposure, compositions and much more. The technical aspects were covered by Azlan, while I covered the creativity part with some tips on getting the shots with natural/available lights. We ended the session about 3 hours later as we wanted them to fully understand the basics first.

The second day started with an outdoor session. We went to Taman Tasik Ampang for some practice on portrait shots, panning and some other techniques learned the day earlier. After about an hour or so we headed home for some practice on studio shots.

We were very grateful as all of them were very eager to learn and gave their full participation during the 2 days. The best thing is that we got to know each one of them better. The photos were taken on the second day of of our session and  follow this link for photos on the first day. Anybody out there interested to join the second session (probably sometime in July), please drop us a line to or Only 4 seats left.

Our little model, Adik Raudah.

Explaining to Sayla on how to interact with the client, with my hand. LOL.

Food & drinks to keep us going.

And below, few eye candies to share, it’s the little details that counts, most of the time. (:


Terbaiklah! u are one step closer to your dream 🙂

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