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Around town – Kuala Lumpur – Melaka, Malaysia


I get a lot of questions on how to get really better at photography. I don’t have the specific answer to that. All I know is you have to do it a lot. You have to practice your skill day and night without ever quitting. Learn how to improve your composition, mentally taking notes of all the beautiful lights, no matter at what time. Experiment a lot. Sign up for a course or study with the master in their craft. Learn it to your heart until you don’t have to guess anymore. Some days you get a good picture and some days are the worst. It happens to all of us despite where we are at in our journey.

And when you take photos, don’t keep it to yourself. Share it with the people who share the same passion just like you. There are countless platforms where you can learn and be the best version of yourself. One of my favorites is, of course, Clickin Mom. In my early days, this is where I spent most of my time reading and admiring all the wonderful talents in this amazing community. After a few years honing my skills, I was accepted to Click Pro, a modern network of highly skilled professional photographers and independent artists around the world! Personally, it is a huge achievement for me since I am the only one representing Malaysia, and it makes my heart burst with joy!

So, if you are thinking of joining one of the biggest and super supportive online photography community, please click HERE.

So these post is divided into two parts. This is the first part, Around town in KUALA LUMPUR. All shot with Nikon D750 and SIGMA 35mm 1.4 lens.

These are some of the images I’ve managed to capture during our laid-back group outing for street photography around Kuala Lumpur. They were all very young and talented and frankly speaking I was a bit intimidated at first (the only 44 years old lady in that group – makcik ok!). It started raining when we arrived at the meeting point. That’s how it is with the weather, you cannot predict them, all you can do is go with the flow. You have to be very flexible and learn to see lights in a different kind of way. I am a fan of rainy days, so it does not bother me so much, I think we need to use our creativity and try to practice photographing in all sorts of weather condition to become better.

And, this is the second part of my post. Around town in MELAKA.

It was a long weekend here in Malaysia, Monday and Tuesday was a public holiday and school start on Wednesday. It was not planned but I decided to send my daughter back to her college at Alor Gajah, Melaka (photo opportunity!) on Tuesday. So that afternoon, we took a short road trip to Melaka and we stopped at the famous A Famosa, a Portuguese¬†fortress that was built in 1511 by the Portuguese Empire. We also climbed up the hill (not advisable to the elderlies or to those with weak knees) to visit St. Paul’s Church, a historic church that was built in 1521, making it the oldest church in Malaysia and Southeast Asia (wiki). There were also a lot of old¬†Portuguese tombstones which I find really fascinating, I started imagining the life that they had, how brave they were to conquer the sea to come here, how they brought or even started a family at an unfamiliar place and some of them perished here.

We spent about one hour there as time was running really fast and I made a promise to myself that I’ll come back and explore more!



Thanks for sharing the tips Kak Min! Part yang nak hari2 ambil gambar tuh memang mencabar juga pada saya. Tapi , InshaALLAH..akan dicubakan. Heheh..

No worries Nany, Make it a habit to shoot at least one image a day, tak kisah lah masa tu ada semangat or tidak, yang penting kita shoot. Lagi best kalau buat personal project. Like 365 one photo a day for a year!!

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