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It’s been a month since their wedding. Life has returned slowly to normal routines. These were taken at Avani Sepang Goldcoast Resort, Bagan Lalang. I had the honor to document their first day as husband and wife. It was a strange and mixed feeling for me, happy and a little bit sad. But I know that she is in good hands now. She has this boy who is crazy in love with her. And I am so happy she has found her happiness in him.

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Gorgeous Min, I can understand why you’d be a bit sad. I’m scared that day will come for me too haha but I know i will be very happy if my kids too find the right partners to make them happy and bring out the best in them. I love these photos of them! Congratulations! Now you can start asking for some grandkids? Haha

Thank you so much Evelyne! It was all a bit emotional for me. Already started asking them for grandkids hahahaha

Congratulations on the marriage of your beautiful daughter!These pictures are full of emotions.

Thank you Naoemi!

These are so beautiful! I can feel your deepest love towards your daughter by just looking at the photos. Congratulations once again, Aliya and husband!

Thank you Zubye!

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