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A Potrait Session


I have known her for almost four years now and still every day is like the first day I met her. She has a very big heart and a very warm smile. We always have very good adventures together and it happens that we share the same interest which is to find good food. Yes, you name it, we would scout to every corner to find them.

When she approached me to do a portrait session to celebrate her recent graduation, I was so excited. Can’t wait! This session happens just before Ramadhan. Halfway through shooting, it rained heavily. We had to postponed it. Let’s just say that this is Part I. Part II will come soon.

Isn’t she beautiful? I say YESSSS a trillion times.


Hoho..kak ajie cun! feeeweett~

Wow. unbelievable.. Nice pic and you look cute Azie..

Anna and joy,tq and thanks to my photog minmohd…xoxo

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