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I stumbled upon in the twitter and decided to participate along.

“On May 15th 2012! On this one single day we ask you to pick up your camera and help us photograph daily life. What is close to you? What matters to you?”

This is something rare. Exciting and to get the whole world to do the same thing on the same day and to get to view other’s who have photograph their life is something which I can never say no to. I asked Azlan, what should I photograph? My life is quite boring and miserable at times. What can I do? What are there I want to show? My children is not living with me. I have nothing to photograph in my own house. I was stumped. I was feeling down. I envy those who are doing photography full time. They get to work and enjoy what they do everyday. I am working a 9-5 job and only get to use or hold my camera during the weekends. And if I am occupied with photography jobs during the weekends, then there’s a slim chance that I am able to get to photograph what I do or my family.

On 15th May, I woke up early from usual. I checked my camera’s settings. ISO, Aperture and shutter speed all in place. During the process, I just kept quite and go with the flow. I took pictures of Azlan feeding the cats and I saw how loving our cats are to him. Relationships between the cats and him. How he enjoys his morning routine. Find pure joy in whatever you do. Get quiet and see with your heart. Let the days unfold naturally. Don’t rush. This was what I’ve learned that day. All the photos are now very priceless to me. This is my life. This is my heart and soul.





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