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What makes you smile…



Atuk is an avid reader. Reading habit runs in the family. Hopefully Khaled will continue and follows his atuk’s footsteps. As he saw his atuk reading Khaled grabbed his book and walked towards him. Found his best spot, just a yard away, Khaled started flipping his book as though he understands every single word in it. That made the old man laugh hard.






Moments like these are hard to predict. Just make sure you have your camera most of the time. They are precious if you can capture and treasure it. It doesn’t matter where it happens. It doesn’t have to be somewhere beautiful, with nice sunset whatsoever. Surely, it doesn’t matter when. These are normal happenings in our life, everyday. We can let it go by. Or we can keep it as a treasure. It is up to us how to value those moments.


Salam, Kak Min.

Love your photos. And I truly agree with the last paragraph. Each moment is special. Hope to photograph my days with my child as beautifully as you do.

Walaikumsalam Chech,

Thank you for the wonderful comment. You just made my day!

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