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D700, Sigma 50mm 1.4, 1/4000, ISO 200

There are times when business is slower than usual. So, what do I do when we break for Ramadhan? There are a couple of ideas that you might want to look at. This is basically what I will do instead of just waiting.

  • Get to know your camera. Even if you already know the setting on your camera like the back of your hand. It doesn’t hurt to open the camera manual book and study the chapters one by one.
  • Read on photography. There are tons of resources in the internet for you to learn from. Lots of photography forums where you can participate actively and get feedback on your image.
  • Get to know any fellow photographers in your area. Friend them in facebook. Maybe organize a small get together for networking purposes.
  • Network with wedding planners, MUA, vendors and the like.
  • Try a couple of personal projects. Approached that mom-to-be to work on a maternity or new born projects. Ask a few friends if you could photograph them.
  • Improved your website. Think of ways to market yourself even better.

We have to push ourselves everyday in order to follow our dreams. And to get there, there’ll be plenty of HARD WORK. Never stop doing the work you love. Create everyday. Push yourself more. Explore and continue to SHOOT, SHOOT and SHOOT…and then go out and shoot some more.


beautiful shot, inspiring words. Thank you for sharing

Thanks for dropping by (;

a friend of mine told me about this website. u have lotsa inspiring pictures. keep shooting. hope to see more from you.

Hye Fadhilah, a warm welcome to you!! Be sure to visit me often. You are always welcome to share your thoughts here. Takecare sis (;

insyaAllah. i have bookmarked this. 🙂

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