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Today is your day



Dear sweet boy of mine,

Today is an extra special day for you. It’s because today is your day, my baby. Today you reached one year old. How amazing and awesome is that. I am so in love and happy to see that you have grown to a very healthy baby boy.


Khaled, you started calling mama and babah when you were nine months old. It was such a joyful moment for us. Your favourite television show is babytv and how you loved to dance when they play out the “It’s today your special day” song. You clapped your hands to show how excited you are to me and babah. Your favourite biscuit is Jacob Weetameal. You like to drink plain water every time and also mama’s milk. Your favorite fruit is of course banana. You can have plenty of them at one go. Bath time is your favorite time of the day. If I let you be, you can spend your entire day in the water. You are a water baby. Sometimes you get naugthy and you crawled slowly to the toilet without us noticing and after that nenek will have a shock of her life to see you in there grinning widely. But don’t worry, the toilet now is always locked and can only be opened by adults.


Oh baby, I love everything about you. I love how sweet your mouth smells after each meal. I love your crazy hair when you wake up in the morning. I love your chubby legs. I can kiss them  all day long and still not be satisfied. I thank Allah for all the blessings and pray that you will always be under his protection.

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