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Tiong Trove, Sungkai, Perak – Day 2


We do not remember days, we remember moments.

We started the day early after a very good night slumber. Greeted by the mesmerizing morning light.

Our morning started with senamrobik/poco-poco, led by Reena. All of us participated together, filled with fun and laughter. After that, we treated ourselves with some nasi lemak bungkus and some local kuih-muih which are as good as it gets.

After the good hearty breakfast, we prepared ourselves for flatwater river rafting. But before that, Ella conducted a brief team building session. You can see all the beaming and cheerful faces after everyone managed to complete every task given. It was no short of fun as the air is filled with bursts of laughter and giggles.

We headed upstream of Sungai Sungkai to the launch site of the river rafting. After a safety briefing, all of us headed down to the riverbank for a water confidence test. At this point, all are already eager and pumped up to start.

The boat journey took about 2 hours as we reach back at Tiong Trove. Most of us were already exhausted but still in high spirits as we continue to bask ourselves in the river before we head back for lunch.

The amazing team behind the lovely Tiong Trove Family Farm.


Marveles sis! Suka tgk all the happiness vibes in the photos!!

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