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Last Sunday, we had a family photo session with the adorable little aisyah with mummy and daddy.  They arrived at around 9.30am at our house and  then we head off to a recreational lake nearby. Alhamdulillah, the weather that morning was perfect. People were everywhere. Some were running, some were walking, some were doing poco-poco and some were just enjoying the morning sunshine. (Of couse you don’t see them in the photos..hehe).

When you are shooting kids, I think the best way to go about it is first, try to befriend them. You have to let them know that you’re not a monster. They can be a bit scared looking at you with your big bulky camera and without introducing yourself, starts to snap their pictures. I won’t like it if I were them too. Try to make them relax by playing around with them, acting goofy. Kids will love that. Try to laugh as much as possible.(but please don’t over do it). You can amaze them with a few magic tricks. Or better, be a clown or a joker. Make them laugh. Hehehe…who says being a photographer is easy?? When shooting kids, you need to act fast. Once they have warm up a bit, be alert when the moment comes. Not all photograph should end with them looking straight into your camera. Well for me, I don’t think so. It will look plastic. I like it much better if they look the other way. Always get close to your subject, really close so that you can freeze that wonderful moment.

For the session, the gear I used was :

D700, Manual mode, ISO 200, EV +0.3 (I like to overexposed my subject hehehe but always check your histogram after that, (: dont want to overdo it, 50mm f1.4

Azlan was second shooting for me. The gear he used was:

D90, Manual, ISO 200-500 85mm f1.4.

Aisyah was already my best friend. Can’t you see, the sign peace? Told you….LOL

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