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Some went shopping…


Some went shopping, some went sightseeing and some DUDUK DIAM UNTUK GAZA!

For a couple of weeks we have been rained with news on the bombardment of Gaza. If we care to look up on the internet then we’ll realize the damage, destruction and death are much worse than what we have seen in the news. You can check out the posts from Harry Fear and Sani Araby.  It’s not a war, it’s GENOCIDE. They do not have anything to defend themselves.

We on the other part of the world can send them our Du’a. Hopefully the du’as may help them. Through social media communication, a peaceful demonstration “Duduk Diam Untuk Gaza” #ddug was successfully done at KLCC on Sunday evening. Thousands of people turned up to show their support for this good cause. Prof Madya Dr. Hafidzi Mohd Noor from Aqsa Syarif was also present to give his speech. More updates are available at Aqsa Syarif FB page.


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