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Run Nisa Run!


We were at Putrajaya last Sunday morning. The weather was fine. Nisa gets to practice her rollerblading skills. She fell a few times, gets up, laugh and continue. No worries at all. If she can’t do a turn, she will try to do it again until she can. No complaints. I can do it Mama. I know I can. Very strong determination.

Just recently, her school held the annual sports day. She represented the Green team in few races and won 2 golds and a silver. She even won the “Olahragawati Harapan Sekolah” title for the year. I am so proud of her. I didn’t know that she can run so fast. So, what’s your secret? I asked her.

“I just run, Mama. I wasn’t thinking of anything. I like to run. So that’s all. I just run” She answered with a huge smile. Simple as that.


mamalong pun rasa nak run, tp tak larat lah…kalau lumba ngan mama sapa menang agaknye.haha..

hehehe…kalau lumba dengan mamalong, mustilah bagi mamalong menang…..(:

cantik tone colour …….

Thanks Chemat (;

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