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Rumah Mak – 2 September 2023


“Everything we have is a borrowed gift from God that we don’t deserve. We should be thankful for the time we’ve had with what had been borrowed, rather than being upset when it’s taken back. That doesn’t mean there isn’t some sadness, but it is paired with gratitude.”

With each passing weekend, my intention is to capture not only the physical essence of the home but also the intangible spirit that lingers. The smiles shared over cups of tea, the stories exchanged during family gatherings, and the wisdom imparted by my parents, whose hair is now touched by silver strands – all of these moments deserve to be etched into time.

Through the lens of my camera, I aim to encapsulate the essence of ‘rumah mak,’ preserving it as a testament to the love, resilience, and continuity that defines our family, Insyallah.

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