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The time has come. The room needs repainting. The old paint have absolutely gone horrible. It started cracking like nobody’s business. I’m exaggerating a bit here. Well its been years. So I moved all the furniture out from the room and begin my ultimate quest. Repainting can be such a trouble for some people but for me it is quite exciting. And this time I have the chance to document it.


Okay, lets start with some basic tools and things that you need to do the trick. First, you need a scrapper to scrape the old paint. Strap it to a broom stick and you are ready to go.

After scraping you need to do a little bit of plastering/grouting/resurfacing the wall. Fill up all the holes and cracks. Buy those ready-mix white plaster like Puttyfilla. It’s easy to apply (with some practice).


If the wall have traces of water seepage, you need a wall sealer and apply it first. This will seal the repainting surface from moisture. Use this sealer if your wall is chalky too. And get your self a nice keg of new paint. This time we bought ICI Dulux Pearl Glo, “Grey Leaf”. A 5 liter keg is more than enough for a 12′ x 12′ room.

DSC_4873x720Flaky wall. This has to go!

cGone! with the wind…

DSC_4881x720Those white quick drying Puttyfilla plaster

DSC_4896x720This is the method I’ve learned from the Indonesians during my days in constructions. Put your paint mixture in a big pail, dip the roller in and twirl the roller pole to remove the excess. It makes you paint faster.

DSC_4902Half way mark

DSC_4908Almost done. It looked pretty simple but it took me 3 days to complete. 2 days to prepare the wall surface. On the third day it just took me about 3 hours to complete 2 coats of paint for the whole room including the potong-potong work. The final colour is more blueish rather than grey. Overall – satisfied. We love the colour!



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