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Project Inspire with Zarith HTL


The Messenger of Allah (S.A.W) said: To smile in the company of your brother is charity. To command to do good deeds and to prevent others from doing evil is charity. To guide a person in a place where he cannot get astray is charity. To remove troublesome things like thorns and bones from the road is charity. To pour water from your jug into the jug of your brother is charity. To guide a person with defective vision is charity for you. (Bukhari)

I look to others for inspiration. I search everyday for inspiration. How and where do you get the inspiration? Is it just merely the projections in your mind? Is it the act of other person that inspire you? Even though I am not so good with words and writing it down, but it is still so important for me to get the message across. I am so excited about this project. Let’s hope that all the inspirational people I have lined up agree with my idea. I hope that this project is able to inspire anyone out there to do something they’d really love to and wanted to do for so long.

First, let me start this project with one fine lady, Zarith Naquiah Zahari.

I learned about Zarith when a friend of mine posted a photo of her and family on facebook distributing foods in the wee hours. I called her immediately and asked what is she and the whole family is doing in the middle of the night in the middle of city??? Aren’t you afraid if something bad might happen? She told me that her whole family was actually part of a project called “Hari Tanpa Lapar” and that it was actually quite safe to go out as it was done in a group. I was telling to myself that I need to get to know the person behind this and her team.

I am so inspired by this young lady. You might have seen her before in one of the TV series. I am so grateful when she replied to my email and said yes to my invitation to feature her on this blog. I’ve sent her a couple of questions and below are the exact words from Zarith.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Who are you? What do you do?

I’m Zarith Naquiah Zahari. Founder untuk Program Hari Tanpa Lapar (HTL) di Malaysia. Saya juga merupakan penerima Dana Belia 1Malaysia untuk Program Sejuta Impian (program ini adalah kolaborasi bersama TV3, Telekom Malaysia (TM) dan Dana Belia 1Malaysia (DB1M). HTL adalah program bulanan pemberian makanan minuman kepada mereka yang kelaparan sekitar Klang Valley. Selain saya, ada 5 orang lagi kawan saya yang bersama-sama saya menjayakan program ini.

Who/what is your greatest inspiration?

Saya akan bayangkan perasaan mereka yang kelaparan sama dengan perasaan saya ketika saya terpaksa ikat perut sebab tak cukup duit semasa study dulu.

What do you want to achieve?

Isu kelaparan ini memang tak akan habis tapi apa yang cuba saya sampaikan melalui Program HTL adalah memberi kesedaran kepada seberapa banyak rakyat Malaysia bahawa makanan minuman penting untuk kita meneruskan kehidupan.

Something that few people know about you.

Seorang Planning Engineer yang bekerja 6 hari seminggu dari 8am smpai 6pm tapi ada masa nak charity work.

What 3 words would your friends use to describe you?

Kelakar, rajin, creative.

What is the message you want people to get from you and your work?

Kalau kita tak tolong mereka yang lapar di luar sana, siapa lagi. Program HTL ini bukan program saya seorang tapi program untuk semua rakyat Malaysia yang penuh kasih sayang.

What is your greatest fear?

Dana untuk beri makanan minuman kepada mereka yang kelaparan setiap bulan. Walaupun Program saya nampak gah di facebook tapi hakikatnya tak pun, sebab 60% duit untuk Program HTL datangnya dari duit gaji saya setiap bulan. (Yes, Zarith has to top up the funds with her very own money every month, isn’t this enough for inspiration? – Min)

If you could travel anywhere it would be?

Sabah and Sarawak. sebab saya dengar dekat sana, ramai lagi mereka yang kelaparan.

Most valued material possession?

Program HTL itu sendiri kerana sudah 12 ribu orang like di facebook. Selepas saya muncul di tv, media banyak paparkan masalah homeless kepada masyarakat.

If you had one wish….

Hari Tanpa Lapar akan hidup sampai bila-bila.

So, if any of you are interested to join Zarith and her team, do check out  the Program Hari Tanpa Lapar Facebook Fan Page. Drop her a line or two and she would be very happy to hear from you. Contributions to the HTL funds are really, really, really appreciated.


hey..this is my friend..zarith! way to go girl! i like all the photos..good job Min..:) (we are officemates)

Hi Abbey, thank you for your kind words o.o

Zarith kawan yang sy kenal sejak diploma,memang kuat semangat.Kalau ada isu dengan hal-hal penting,bawak je dia.”orang kuat”..sangat berani,cekal dan bersungguh..terharu dengan HTL..semoga Allah melimpahkan rezeki buat dia untuk terus membantu masyarakat..amin!=)

Salam Noora, walaupun jumpe zarith sekejap jek tapi rasa cam dah lama kenal zarith..hehehe orangnya sempoi jer….

Inspired, saya respect orang2 seperti ini 😉

Thank you for the kind words Azim (:

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Elia Dina Muhd Hanapi

Assalamualaikum Min, lia salah seorang kwn zarith di team Htl, utk pengetahuan, zarith sekarang tgh sakit,tlg doakan zarith cpt sembuh ya :'(

Walaikumsalam Elia, yer akak tahu, boleh akak tanya, Zarith dekat mana sekarang yer? Akak nak pi melawat kalau boleh hari ni.

Zarith adalah sahabat dari zaman sekolah shinggalah mjadi jiran sebelah rumah dah skrg(beli rumah kebetulan tmpt yg sama), dan dgn program HTL ni zarith dah sediakan saham akhirat yg bpanjangan.. smga arwah zarith tenang dan bahagia disana. Mohon sedekahkan alfatihah buat arwah?

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