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Our Mini Adventure


We’ve planned the trip just a week ago, but it wasn’t until late that we decided to take the back road to Melaka, instead of highways. Anticipating ahead, Azlan prepared his A3 sized google map to Melaka.

After a brief preparation, we started the journey on 15 Sept. at about 6.15am from KL. Taking the Cheras road onto Grand Saga highway heading towards Kajang. From there we drive on to little town of Semenyih. It took us about 30 minutes as we were just cruising around 60 to 70 km per hour. While we were in our “slow-mo” mode, we see other people flying in their cars. It’s funny when you see all of them try to be in front of others all the time. Why can’t they just chill out, enjoy and relax.

 Where to? Bukit Putus?

After passing Kolej Tuanku Jaafar (KTJ) and Starfield Golf, we reached Mantin few minutes later and stopped by this one road-side warung “Teratak Aznor”. They only had nasi lemak and roti canai. We opt for the roti canai. We called this roti canai melayu. They were surprisingly good and I can bet that it can beat any of Pelita’s roti canai anyday.

Roti canai melayu with dhal and sambal and hot nescafe and teh tarik

One snap during the toilet break

After a quick toilet break, from Mantin we head on to Seremban. Nothing much here so we did not stop. Passing through Rasah we head on to Port Dickson via Rantau where along this route oil palm plantations are the main landscape. We reached Port Dickson beach and stop for a couple of photos before we continue to head on south. Again we stop, this time at Tanjung Tuan or Cape Rachado. Famous for its light house. To reach the light house, you have to walk along the nicely paved road, and we swear it was about 100km long!

Yes, its a 100km walk!

From hilltop looking downwards

After about 15 minutes on the top we came down and continued our journey. Pasir Panjang, Kuala Sungai Baru, Masjid Tanah, Terendak, Sungai Udang, Tanjung Kling, Pantai Klebang and Melaka Town. It took us well over 9 hours to reach our hotel.

That evening we went out for a walkabout in Jonker Street and later to Parameswara Seafood in Umbai before calling it a day.

oh my perut!

spot me!

The next morning we went out for the famous mee bodoh Jalan Tengkera. Oww yes, a combination of yellow noodles and taugeh and nothing else and people will queue for it. Got back to the hotel to rest before heading home at around 12 noon. We took the same route as we came. Cruising along the back road and admiring the landscapes.

stopped by Pantai Klebang for one last shot

After hours of driving, after almost 450km, we truly believe that it was a trip worth trying and a route worth plying! And the Mini didn’t fail us! Till we plan our next trip. (Any suggestions on the route we should take?) Adios!!


Terbaek dari ladang….i enjoy it

Good job guys! Greats pics as usual. On next location, why not try Selangor areas like Banting, Morib, Sg Besar etc, shorter trip but I believe equally great sceneries and experience…

Menarik gak tu. Boleh stop by kat sawah2, pantai, kampung nelayan. kena buat trip lama sket maybe 2 hari. Tak nak join ker…

ok lan , abang rare tgk u punya nie memang best , apa kata kita set sama2 .. jalan jalan cari bahan ………..

boleh, abang rare. Kita arrange geng mini jalan-jalan. Last point sampai Melaka, makan seafood kat Umbai.

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