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No complains



You bring so much joy and love into my life, little boy. Your sisters are also very highly addicted to you. Every morning Angah will knock our room and asked my permission if she can kiss you goodbye before going off to school. She said you smell so “wangi” in the morning. Same goes with Along and Adik, they can’t get enough of you. Now you’ve learned to smile when you see familiar faces. You love to cuddle with me, I guess you love the smell of milk all over my body. I cannot deny that I feel tired waking up in the middle of the night to feed you, sometimes as much as 3-4 times, but each time when I nurse you and when our eyes met, it’s like you are saying, “I love you mama and thank you for everything” and my heart just melts away.

Things happened for a reason that only the Almighty knows. And I know that you are my boy, my precious little boy.







love the emotions in all these images..
and of course the ‘love letter’ you wrote to him is just so lovely.

Thank you Zubye!

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