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A New day



It’s the first day of the year for 2013.
A whole new chapter for you to rewrite.
A whole new adventure worth seeking.
A whole new path worth taking.
This is the first entry for 2013.
I want to do something different for a change.
Change is good.
A 365 Days, 52 weeks photo project is also good.

A Project Life 365 with iPhone and 52 weeks with my D700.

A Project Life 365 is a photo a day challenge that helps you to develop your visual literacy. This is going to be very exciting and I look forward to it!! You may check out projectlife365 to find out more.

As for my 52 weeks, it will also be very challenging. I’ve failed with my 52 week photo in 2012. OK, failed is a very big word. Let’s just say between juggling work in the office and being a mom and a wife, and throw in “lack of ideas” sometimes, sadly I had to stop the project. But, it’s 2013, let’s start fresh. I challenge myself to finish these two projects. Let the game begins!!! And for that I have downloaded a few iPhone apps to help remind me of the task that I need to finish on that day. (I am not sure if they have it for Android user).

The first one is Photo365. It’s like having your own personal trainer but the difference is this one remind you to take photo a day. Not 200 seat ups but just a photo a day. Seems very easy, right? You can read about it more on the website.

The second I found to be a little bit more interesting, at least to me. It’s called Streaks.¬†Streaks tracks the consecutive days it takes to reach a certain goal. For each day that you accomplish your task, you mark it on the Streaks calendar, motivating yourself to keep the streak going! Miss a single day, and the streak starts over. You can almost do anything to motivate yourself. You want to quit smoking, use streaks. You want to learn how to cook, use streaks. There’s no limit to what you can do with this little motivator.

But you know what Mr. Henry Ford say, whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are right!! No amount of apps in the world can help you achieve your goals if you, yourself are not willing to do it in the first place.

With that, I bid you goodbye and do remember, it’s the journey that matters in the end.

p/s SHARING is caring and I am so happy to share my ongoing projects with you. Please follow any of the links below if you want to stalk me. I welcome you all!!!

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