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D700 | 50mm | f1.4 | ISO 400

It’s already the 2nd week of January 2012, my oh my how time really flies. As you guys know, I am participating in the 52 weeks photography project by MyFourHensPhotography. Even though it’s just only two weeks, but I get to interact with a quite number of people sharing the same interest and love towards life & family which brings me to the theme of this week’s photo that is LIFE.

I choose to capture this image of my beloved best friend and husband as I think it is him (apart from my family of course) that has given me hope and strength to move forward each and every day. Let me tell you…

I got married at a very early age. I was so in love and was very looking forward to be a wife. I expected fairy tales but it was never near it. After living with so much of bitterness and feeling of rejection, I finally gave up. I went through a very painful divorce. They say when one door closes, another door opens. Long story cut short, I met my new best friend and the love of my life through photography. I have never felt so alive and so loved.

I guess this is what life is. You never know what to expect. All you have to do is trust in GOD and ask for his guidance.

Well, as for now I am taking one step at a time. But this time, with a big smile…..

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