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It’s only LOVE…


Slow down, record and remember the precious days…..

It’s just like any Sunday, I went to pick up mak and we head on to GE Mall for a breakfast date. I brought along my camera. After we are finished with the breakfast, we did a little ‘retail therapy’ at the nearby supermarket. Do you know that I can get lost in the supermarket for hours? My mom also shares the same ‘interest’. From the fruit section up to the cheese counter, everything is just so organized. Wish I could get that in my house (hahahahaha). No, not for me but my mum. She’s the head of DBKL (we called her that), in the house, things has to be tidy, clean towels are available 24 hours, the bathrooms are squeaky clean. Everything is neat and clean. Well, ain’t all mothers are like that.

Well, I know it’s not our tradition to celebrate Mother’s Day. Why not celebrate it everyday. As much as we always say “I love you”, I think we should also learn to say “I’m sorry” to our mothers. You might be thinking that you did not do anything wrong, but believe me, sometimes we are just so blind to see with our own eyes.

To all mothers, I salute you.

And to Hajah Salmah Yacob, you are one very very special lady. Thank you for all the things you have done for me, mak!

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