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Did you noticed that sometimes when you planned something, it just don’t turned out the way you’ve imagined it to be but when something is done that instantly, at that moment without any planning, things just fits nicely. That typically explained why I’ve never bothered to set time or day to shoot my three girls and their baby brother. I just wait for the right moment, usually the best time is when they are getting ready to go somewhere and everyone is well dressed and in a happy mood. But that don’t tend to happen everyday, so the only thing I can do is to just go with the flow and start somewhere. Khaled is slowly having his own routine now. He wakes up two to three times at night for feeding and will doze off immediately after that. He is my human alarm clock. He will wake up again at five in the morning for feeding and that will be the start of my day. At first it was difficult to wake up from your deep slumber but then your body starts to adjust and now I am enjoying my quiet time in the house when everybody else is sleeping. It is amazing what babies can do to you. You learn to do a lot of things quickly and swiftly. Kinda like a ninja! Being a working mom and looking after the family is huge responsibilities.

My daughter once said to me “Ma, sometime people are so rich that all they have is money.” Yeah, I am lucky I get to do this with the support of my amazingly loving husband and not to forget my family who has always been there since day one. Should give thanks more to Allah for the little things instead of complaining. That would be on my small-goals- to-accomplish in 2014.

On a different note, I am already getting a few request for a family portraiture session and also a maternity session where the mother is expecting twins, that should be exciting! If you have been following me, you should have notice that I only take a few session at a time so as to keep it as boutique style and to also keep up with my busy schedule as a working mom. I am planning to do a few more slots and if you are interested to have me to document your life, please drop me an email at and I’ll be glad to entertain you.

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish all our Chinese friends “Happy Chinese New Year” and Happy Holidays to the rest! Enjoy folks!


















Dear hubby, although my face is looking very disgusted at you (blame it on lack of sleep and very very low supply of coffee) and I sometimes rant without giving you warning, do know that I love you and am thankful for everything.

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