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Today is the last day of 2014. So many things happened this year. Some are good, some are bad and quite a few a bit challenging. At the very beginning of this year, I collaborated with two budding photographers who are also mommies to document our children every week in 2014. A total of 52 weeks. A big challenge for me I can say. I have always fell flat on the face for something like this. At the back of my mind, I thought I would stop two three months after doing it because lack of creativity or motivation. I have no time, I’m too lazy to get up early in the morning to catch the beautiful light, I don’t live in the countryside where there are mountains and streams! The editing task is killing me!! There’s always a reason to every failed project. That I kid you not. You may think that it’s an easy task, after all it’s just a photo of your kid and how difficult can it be? Well, if you ask me, sometimes my gut and my mind is not playing along so well that it’s just a mere fog inside this head of mine. At some weekends I just want to stay in bed and lay like a dead log. But with Allah’s will, I managed to finish the 52 project with a little help from my friends, (don’t you just love girl friends!! Shout out to you, Zubye and Milin I love you girls!!!). Thank you for the great journey together this year and don’t forget we have a really big task next year since our project will be a little bigger. We have decided to invite the talented mommies to join in the fun, the more is the merrier.

If you are interested to get to know us, please follow the link here.


On a different note, I just wanted to say that this year, something had totally changed. I’am no longer feel envious (in a good way) looking at other photographer’s work that I admire and wish that I have thought and capture the images the same away, I feel somehow I have passed all that stage. I have come to learn that we are all different. We look and perceive things differently. The journey we took so far, the books we read, the music we listens to, the friends we have, the ‘what am I looking for” is different. No one is ever the same. Be different. Be bold. Be yourself. It’s much easier to be yourself. Yes, I admit that I, myself have flaws and not perfect but everything that had happened to me, everything that came my way was just what Allah wanted it to be. What matters to me the most is the work that I produced, the contentment and happiness on the face of my clients when they flicked the album pages that I have just delivered to them, the laughter of the children looking at their photos, the father admiring the photos of his newborn daughter, an image of a toddler trying to make the first step and many more, this is my passion and this is ultimately what I love to do. I don’t want to be rich by doing this (you are crazy if you think you can be rich doing photography!) or famous because I have a total of one million follower. I want to do it because I love doing it!. Just that. Having said that, of course when you talked about the investment that you made for hiring me, I need to think of all the cost that I have to bear. That my friend would be in a different post.

Now, if you are like me and you need a little boost every now and then, I promised you this PEOPLE are the ones you should be following because they give you good, positive vibes!!

Sue Bryce and her video on confronting your fear

Ben Sasso and his article The Photographer’s Manifesto

and I have just add this inspiring lady to my list of “photographer who I should follow because they are RAD and deep inside my heart, how I wished I could write like her”

Anne Almasy

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” – Eleanor Roosevelt. I believe the quest for knowledge is a never ending process to all, no matter what your background is.  I hope through the photography courses that I am intending to take part in will help me grow and move me towards the direction that I want to go.

A huge thank you and a virtual hug to all those who have been with me through the journey,  my sidekick, my most important person in the world, Azlan, my children, my family and not forgetting, all my friends. With that being said, I welcome 2015 with a big heart. Bring it on!!!! Happy New Year everyone! May Allah bless us all.

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