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Last weekend, we went to MAHA18, short form of Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture and Agrotourism Show 2018 that was held at MAEPS, Serdang from 22 November to 2 December 2018. MAHA18 happened every two years and every time it’s on, we always take the time to go and have a little adventure of our own. You were there when you were three years old but I think you enjoyed it much more when you came here last week. You like to study the map and point out to me where the locations are. The weather that morning was sunny and it got a bit warmer in the afternoon. Lucky that you brought your cap. As there were so many visitors that day, we had to wait a bit for our ride but you did not complain at all. You were such a sweet heart. And when our turn finally came, I can see the joy in your face riding that big truck. First, we went to the fishing farm. It was in an air conditioner room so it was really nice to look at the fishes and get to study them (not under the sun). They were literally hundred of species on display. I was especially struck on the light movement made by the jelly fish. Their movements were so graceful but I admit, I am a little bit scared of them since I was once stung by a small jellyfish when I was in Pulau Kapas. The pain was excruciating! After spending some time in the aquarium area, we walked a little bit around the outdoor booths and then headed to the livestock farm where I think you had the most fun watching all the animals.

Please check out the next talented artist in our blog circle, my dear friend Diana Hagues and continue through all the artists until you get back to me!

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What a wonderful memory for you guys! I just adore the documentary style of these photographs. <3

What a wonderful show and experience for your little one! We have these agricultural shows around us too, as we live in a semi-rural place. They are always fun when we get to them. Beautiful storytelling images, Min.

Stunning storytelling, Min! I admire that you avidly document your adventures with your little one. Inspiring, to say the least. After reading about the jelly fish I was anxious to get to the jellyfish pictures! Maybe next time.

You are such a wonderful storyteller, through your images I felt I was right there with you!looks and sounds like the most wonderful day!!

Best kan MAHA? but due to hot weather ( panaih lit lit ) we only can stand at outside until 12pm. Lepas tuh dok cari hall yang ada aircond..hahah! nikmat tuhan. Kitaorg pergi 2 kali sebab tak dapat nak stay one whole day. Miracle garden cantik sangat utk amik gambar Kak Min. Ala2 spring gitu tapi cuacanya summer. HAHAHA~~~ Malaysia Truly Asia.

These are all so beautiful! I love your storytelling.

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