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Burn Baby Burn


I have started exercising and taking healthy foods. Yes, I have been a good girl.  Not that I’m following a strict diet or what, some days I tend to ignore the rules and have me some ice cream. That’s okay with me. (grinnn….)

Here’s what I did so far:-

Take small steps one day at a time. I try to avoid refined sugar and late night eating. I have always drank my coffee without sugar and it’s still taste good to me. So no problem there.

Next, I started to limit my rice intake (this is so dem hard…especially when asam pedas is on the table with sambal belacan mangga, my favourite!!). Anyhow, if I feel I had taken a lot, the only thing to do is to exercise more. Burn the calories..burn baby burn!! I have also taken supplement like some fibre drink in the morning that taste like rumput kering which is excellent for your stomach (refer lifeplus) and also the cappuccino protein drink by herballife (this is very tasty).

I have joined a gym near my office and it has been the most “money spent wisely” so far in my history of getting fit. For a RM40 per month, I get to exercise in a gym where it is not crowded and stuffy. My kind of gym…

Music is very important to me when exercising, songs I listened to includes beggin by madcon, good feeling by flo rida, paradise city by gnr, speed of sound by coldplay and a few more others.

So if you happened to jog around KLCC park and bumped into yours truly, why not say Hi!

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