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Hello again!

It has been ages, don’t you think so? So how are you? What are you currently doing? Pursuing? Dreaming? I hope that all is fine wherever you might be. It has been four months long since I got to know that I am expecting and also a type II diabetic. So how am I now? Let me tell you, I am feeling on top of the world at the moment. I stopped putting sugar in my body ultimately, I take my meals at the same time everyday, no more food goes into my mouth after 8pm except water and more water. I eat more vegetables and more fish and boom, I feel totally rejuvenated. Sure, sometimes when I need to satisfy my sweet tooth, a small cupcake by Bijoux won’t hurt. It’s like I have this rules of whether or not the food that I want to eat is worth the spike of my BG (Blood Glucose). If it’s not, then I just turn away. Not a single feeling of deprivation.

Occasionally, there are some minor back problems and so on, but that is normal I guess. This is my fourth pregnancy after eleven long years and I guess that all mothers can relate that every pregnancy is very special on its own and a different experience. I am so blessed. So happy with this gift from Allah and I am indeed savouring every precious minute. It also helps when you have a very supportive and loveable husband whose always by your side twenty four hours a day!!! And my daughters are all champions, helping out where they can or sometimes the opposites!!! And if I need a few words of encouragement (yes, there are days when I feel a bit off) I just have a minute or two with my parents and everything will be fine. My father likes to joke that it’s all just a small problem, he said “if I can live pass seventy then you can too!!!”

I guess it’s just normal that soon this blog will be uploaded with lots of stories of motherhood and pregnancy, pictures of my bump (please bear with me) and more everyday adventure with my tiny one!









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Just a few reminder if you haven’t done any of the things I list below:-

The ‘Someone I know’ Exhibition (I contributed a photo there) which is held in conjunction with the KL International Photo Awards 2013 is still ongoing and full of exciting photography workshop and what not! It is still not too late to go and spend  few minutes or even hours if you are at the Petronas Gallery KLCC.

If you haven’t read this interview we did with ProjectLife 365 then you’re missing a lot!! Do go check it out!!

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