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Berlari takan berhenti – A Year in Review 2015 | Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Lifestyle Photographer


2015 has been a very good year for me. Some major things happened to me this past year and I have also taken the boldest decision to quit my day job of the past ten years to look after my two-year-old son and doing photography full time. I have also introduced my new photography package, the “FRESH 48” session which has been receiving a lot of positive feedbacks. The recent FRESH 48 session was taken two weeks back and I can see I’ll be doing a lot more of what makes me happy, which is, of course, capturing those adorable newborns!

Some of my proud achievements this year were when my husband and I was interviewed by FOTOGRAFIKA MAGAZINE and on top of that, my photo was chosen to grace the magazine’s cover. Apart from that, I am delighted to have been featured in some international photography blogs and also, my photos were featured in some amazing international photography blog. Since quitting in October 2015, I felt really happy and I can do what I love the most and that feeling is out of this world! I have all the time for my family and am very grateful for this! I’ve started my 365 projects this year and very proud of it. There are a lot of challenges but things do work out ok in the end. You just have to trust and believe in yourself. No one else can be you.

For 2016, I will love to focus more on creating art and not thinking too much about it. I just want to create the art that makes my heart sings! I would love to spend more time experimenting and learning more about light, which is why I have spent a significant amount of money for a photography course, conducted by the amazing and talented lady, Summer Murdock. I am already very excited about this and can’t wait to see where this will lead me to! One of my goal next year would be to get my work published in a photography magazine, local or overseas! Having said that, I am so ready for 2016! Bring it on!!

Berlari…takan berhenti mengejar mimpi. Happy 2016 to all of you!!













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2016 will be more of trying new things too!!




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