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Beauty is everywhere


D700 24-70@52mm ISO 200

D700 24-70@52mm ISO 200

I always believe that beauty is everywhere and it’s your job to look and search for it even if it’s in your own backyard. And the same goes to photography, all you ever really need is the right lens, some good light source and a small space and you’re already halfway to creating a good image (at least to me). One more thing to consider is also the use of everything that is around you. Old chairs, your kid’s bicycle, your wardrobe cabinet. You name it. Use your creativeness and imagination. Work with what you have. Vision it and make it! If it doesn’t work, try to repeat the step but alter it a bit until you come to that final image where you are satisfied with the result. Absolutely no post processing was done to the image above accept that I had to re-size it to fit in this blog.

Enough of “photography talk”, let me tell you about these gorgeous Japanese fabrics. These fabrics are used for your precious handmade Artisan DVD Folio and also the Artisan Keepsake Boxes (HERE). 24 fabrics that is so beautiful and you got to choose which one you LIKE!! Isn’t that SWEETTT!! Please note that for every wedding or portrait session, you will receive all your images in this beautiful crafted DVD Folio that will absolutely melt your heart (price varies on selected fabrics) !! Please contact us HERE for more details!!

OK, and now for the final image….

 UNBELIEVABLE right?? (lengoh kaki mak diri atas kusi kecikkk tu….)

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