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A simple question


A friend asked me a one simple question just a while ago, What is happiness to you?  If I were in my twenties, I would definitely choose money over anything. But things change, as you get older, as for me, money is not in my list of  things that makes me happy. Of course we all need money. But how much money do we need to make us happy? I don’t think we need a lot. Materials won’t make you happy. Yes, it will make you feel good but only for a while.

So, what is happiness to me? Happiness is when I get to spent a lovely weekend with my family and my kids. When everyone closest to me is in good health. Time is ticking. Time is slipping away. Day by day. Can money buy time? I don’t think so. Times spent with them are precious. Times spent with them are when I am the most happiest.

Tell me, what is happiness to you?


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