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I complained a lot. I complained when the weather is too hot. I complained when the weather is too cold. I complained about the traffic jam while driving to work (Azlan is such a good listener). I complained when people drives too fast. I complained that I am too fat. When I’m too skinny, I get complains from everybody else. So, what’s the deal? When will we ever stop complaining about everything. I know girls complain (it’s their nature) but lately I’ve seen that men complain a lot too!! Why don’t we all stop complaining for a week? Let’s make it a goal for one week. Try not to complain about anything. Try to keep your mouth (or my mouth shut). Let’s do this. Don’t complain about anything in a week. Share with me the result after a week, if you like to here.

And yes, I am not complaining when my image is again chosen as the eye candy for week 3/52. You can read and see all the eye candy HERE.


Good things happened when you least expected it. I received a “SHOUT OUT” from the kind people at the Project Life 365. I am really grateful and excited to be part of a GLOBAL community full of creative people. The best is yet to come!


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