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6/52 nom nom nom

Happy 3 months old my dear baby boy! It has been a roller coaster ride for mama from the day we brought you home, with all the sleepless nights, the never ending crying, 24 hours feeding on the clock, burping, pooping, diaper changing, pooping again and again and again. But you know what baby boy, mama is so proud and blessed to have you that I would do it a million times over again without doubt. I may have a zillion things to do in my mind but since having you I have learned to blocked everything and just focus on one thing at a time and that is you.


after all, our kids are just little once.
everything else can wait,
but not their growth.
you did very well kak min!
mother knows best!

btw, i always have the same feeling.
everytime i’m thinking of expanding or concentrating / focusing on anything else.. i will always remind myself : my boy grow up too fast. this is his time. i will never get those moments back. so, let me embrace these moments first. i can do many things when he grow older later in shaa Allah.. 🙂

You said it right Zubye!!!

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