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10 on 10 July – Kuala Lumpur Family Photographer


Things we did while in quarantine. (Warning: I have posted more than 10 images as I missed few entries).

We painted the wall in the living room with a mix of shades of blue and green. It’s called Free Spirit. I was nervous at first that I would not like the colour that I myself chose but it turned out perfect. It brings out the coolness and sort of an African safari vibe. We also painted the front door of white to give a nice contrast to the area.

Husband started to continue his unfinished project and managed to sell a few multipurpose wooden stools. He is now in the process of making me a new computer table which I can’t wait to have.

We are slowly returning to our normal lives here. Offices, malls and supermarkets are already open to the public. I still get a bit anxious when I go out and try to avoid crowded places as much as possible.

The ones I feel the most relaxed is when I am in nature.

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Min, it is so nice to have you in on the blog circle this month! Gorgeous pictures of your every day! I too find the most peace in nature. Love your images, thank you for shaing.

Thanks SO much Sarah! Glad to be in this awesome blog circle this month xx

Evelyne Lourenco

Gorgeous photos Min, I love your tones and how you use shadows. That photo at the end with the greens makes me want to travel to that spot right now, and chill. I feel a lot like you described right now. Anxious about crowds, wanting to be away from people and hiding in nature, and my backyard. Sending you good vibes!!

You are too kind Evelyne!! Thanks so much for visiting. And sending you some good vibes too! xx

So lovely to see you back! Adore these images – love the one of your cat, he looks very much like one of mine! How exciting you’ve used your time to do some gorgeous diy – I hope you love your new table!! Stay safe and well!

Thanks so much, Charlotte!! It’s really nice to have him around, he likes to cuddle A LOT! You stay safe and well too! xx

Melissa Richard

These are all so beautiful!!

Thanks so much Melissa x

Min! All so lovely. I feel the most relaxed in nature too. I always love how you incorporate so much beautiful nature in your images.

Thank you Kristi!

Mi, I just love your use of color, light and composition in your imagery. Beautiful as always! I also feel most relaxed right now when I’m out in nature. So glad to have you in the circle this month!

Thanks so much Beth!

Macam biasa, gambar-gambar yang selalu jadi rujukan untuk ditiru. Masih gagal dapat hasil yang baik, tapi masih mencuba.

Pertama, terima kasih banyak sebab sudi komen blog saya hehehe.

Kedua..Aiseymen, janganlah cakap begitu, saya tengok dah banyak gila perubahan dari segi warna, komposisi dan momen-momen. Banyakkan lagi latihan. Banyakkan lagi eksperimentasi. Banyakkan lagi mengali emosi-emosi dalam diri sendiri.


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