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10 on 10 | October


We have quite a few long weekends last month. I love it when my husband is around. That means I get to lay down and day dream a little bit longer than usual. Khaled was also very excited to have his daddy around all day long to play toys and to wrestle with LOL. For lunch, we took the opportunity to do some barbecue, squids and fish (barramundi) or “ikan siakap” in Malay language. It was really really delicious. I like to barbeque them without any sauce since I like to taste the sweet juice of the fresh seafood. I have also prepared a spicy sauce to go along with the barbecue items. It was really nice to eat with the whole family.

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Food + Family – nothing better! Loved your post and especially love the hands behind the back. 😉

hahaha..that’s one of my favourite too, the hands behind the back, looks like he’s monitoring dad not to burn the fish!!

Seafood is my absolute favourite and that looks so fresh and amazing! I love your little boys big cheeks as he’s blowing on the bbq – he’s the cutest! Gorgeous post!

How beautiful Min, I love the one where he is holding on to daddy, my littlest always smothers me this way too. It is so great when they are this small and don’t hold their feelings back. My oldest is the sweetest girl but she no longer hugs me the way the little one does. I do love him blowing on the fire lol looks like he had a lot of fun watching daddy. You told a beautiful story with these photos. Many kisses!!!

Khaled could not be any more adorable!! I always love seeing your images – it makes me feel like I am right there, not all the way across the world!

Ladies, thank you for taking the time to go through my images this month, I truly appreciate all your sweet comments. Muahhhh!!!!

Oh these are so stunning! Your photography is beautiful. Love the angle on the sixth image. The texture, her hands, all! I can even smell the fish! So real. Beautiful ten Min! <3

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