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Let Them Get Messy! | Massive Mess Fest, Kuala Lumpur


Jom ‘ayan!’ (jalan). That was his words when we woke him up. Khaled was ecstatic when we told him that we are going to “main air”. We could hear him singing to his own tune “main, main main” in his car seat. The sun was shining brightly when we arrive at the centre located in Jalan Damai, Kuala Lumpur. It was a sold out Massive Mess Fest by Azalia and her Massive Mess Fest team. We were there quite early. There were so many games and activities arranged that Khaled didn’t know which one to start with. I can see from his face that it was hard for him to choose and he started with the water play. Water is indeed his favourite! As I watch him slides down the colourful Ice Play, his face beaming with joy, secretly I wish there is one made especially for adults!! I could use some ‘messiness therapy’ myself!!

His favourite, of course! Rexx!! aka. dinosaurs.

One of his favourites, the rainbow ice and slide. And not leaving the dino behind.

And his opopus!

Calling it a day.

It was a great joy for us to have joined this mess-ive fest. It was great letting him explore, do all the thing he wants and have fun in the sun. And a much-needed break from all those routine activities.

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