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10 on 10 | February


It’s been ages since I last updated the blog. Sometimes life just took over or perhaps I was just too lazy to update. I blame it on the later. Hehe..Anyway here are my 10 on 10 for the month of February (I may have inserted more than 10 images!). Why February? Well just maybe, my new year starts in February. We went to Taman Eco Rimba in Kuala Lumpur last week and was mesmerised by all the green nature. I was not sure at first if I wanted to walk on the canopy walkway because I am afraid of heights. I am afraid of travelling in aeroplanes as well. But my husband persuaded me to just walk and to look in front and not to look down. I had to surrender to my fear. I took few steps and then some more and after that, I was not afraid anymore. ** One of my goals for 2017 is to be in the picture more often, so you’ll be seeing a lot of me in the future!

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Way to go! I am like you – not a big fan of heights, I love how your attitude about it changed after a few steps. A good reminder not to let fear control our decisions. I love love love seeing all the pictures of you in the frame. You are beautiful and your hubby does a great job with the camera when you hand it over! 🙂 What a gorgeous place to visit. Beautiful photos.

Thank you Mary!! It’s really nice to have a husband who is also into photography. Kuala Lumpur has a lot of cool places to visit, but one thing that I cannot stand is the hot weather!!!

Min, what a fun adventure! I love seeing you in the frame.?

Thanks Bethany!!

Woah! You are braver than me – I’m also not a fan of heights, so bravo! Worth it though – stunning photos and jealous of the greenery!!

Thanks Charlotte!!!

Another thing we have in common Min, I am afraid of heights and airplanes as well. It feels so good to overcome our fears doesn’t it? I love seeing your face here. I can’t wait to see more. xoxo

It feels great but might take some time for me to do it again hahahaha Thank you my sweet friend.

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