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SOOC, enhanced & textured


Lately I have been shooting using manual mode. It started off as an exercise to shoot  manual mode for one week. I read in the forum that once you get the hang of it you will not change the dial to any other mode. It’s true. Why not try it for a week? You will learned a lot from it. I promise.

So today, I want to share with you how I processed this photo. This is a SOOC = Straight Out of the Camera image. Meaning = No editing is done.

D700 50mm F2.2 ISO 1000 1/320s

I sharpened the eye area a bit and soften the skin. I think the rest are OK.

Black and white version.

Texture 1.

Feeling a little creative, I played around with texture. I prefer the black and white version, which do you prefer?









masih belom biasa dgn mode M.

selalunya AV atau P sahaja.


will try lah soon.

Practice makes Perfect! Good Luck and have fun (:

min , ambe lebih suka colour dan jugek BNW….n de texture ok jugek…semua nyer saye suke..huhu….

min,maknenyer fokus point utk gambe ni d mate budak depan tu kang??…banyak nk tanye nii…x per laa hr lain pulak….

Salam chemat.

terima kasih kerana sudi jenguk blog kami.

Untuk memberi lebih impak, fokus point biasanya di bahagian mata. Baru nampak gambar lebih hidup kan (:

Saya tunggu soalan untuk hari esok pula yer…;p

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